Artificial Intelligence is Already More Creative than 99% of People

May 10, 2024

This assertion might be a pill hard to swallow for some, especially those who believe there is no creativity or soul in AI outputs. However, research comparing the creative potential of humans against GPT-4 reveals a truth: AI surpasses 99% of individuals in its creativity.

The paper  “The current state of artificial intelligence generative language models is more creative than humans on divergent thinking tasks” presented these findings and was published in Scientific Reports.

A new study by the University of Arkansas pitted 151 humans against ChatGPT-4 in three tests designed to measure divergent thinking, which is considered to be an indicator of creative thought. Not a single human won.

Participants, both silicon and carbon, were asked questions like “What if humans no longer needed sleep?” and they had to generate ten nouns that were as semantically distant as possible. In all cases, the cold machine outperformed mushy, organic brains.

The authors found that “Overall, GPT-4 was more original and elaborate than humans on each of the divergent thinking tasks, even when controlling for fluency of responses (which simply means humans had more time to respond because we don’t process information as quickly – there were no time constraints). Also, people responded to each question with average time of 126.9 s, while ChatGPT typically produces similar outputs in dozen seconds. In other words, GPT-4 demonstrated higher creative potential across an entire battery of divergent thinking tasks.”

Humans used simpler, less creative associations than the GPT.

Although ChatGPT  should be definitely finetuned to remove its silly “musical” semantic bias.

The nature of human intelligence is not easy to grasp, but these exercises provide a good evaluation of creativity.

The researchers have also concluded that the current state of LLMs frequently scores within the top 1% of human responses on standard divergent thinking tasks such as the Alternative Uses Task – that’s why we can assume that 99% of people are less creative.

“But the AI has no soul!”

There’s no need for concern about the future possibility of AI surpassing humans in creativity – it’s already there. AI currently exhibits greater creativity than humans, and its creative capabilities will only grow in the years to come.

AI can effortlessly make concept art with hundreds of iterations per hour through Stable Diffusion, produce poetry in ChatGPT4, or even compose catchy songs through Suno.

Here’s a Suno dubstep that can be produced in 60 seconds, along with AI-generated lyrics and cover art. Songs composed and sung by software such as Suno (Large Music Models, should we call it?) are already undistinguishable from those composed and sung by humans and can be prompted without any fuss in seconds.

Considering how synthetic and processed (as in processed food) pop music sounds nowadays, these AI sound outputs are no less natural than whatever Taylor Swift of the month is popular right now – and it’s catchy!

These cherry tomatoes aren’t edible, because they’re not real – it’s a product of the Stable Diffusion generative AI. Prompt:

a delicate cluster of (cherry tomato) (hanging from stem) (made of opal: 1.59), divine iridescent glowing, (opalescent textures: 1.39), growing in the early morning light, (wet: 0.49). in the background beautiful valley, volumetric light, ethereal, sparkling, studio photo, highly detailed, sharp focus, colorful

Are you concerned about your future in a creative profession, such as singing or acting, during the rise of our new AI overlords? The reality is that certain workplaces are already experiencing cuts, although most companies are hesitant to acknowledge this for fear of backlash. It’s a touchy topic.

But it’s already happening. A Swedish payment provider, Klarna, announced that it would cut off 700 jobs out of their 3000 human customer service agents and replace them with AI that will do the job cheaper and more effectively.

The researchers from Arkansas, in their findings, have one important piece of advice for creative professionals: get good and learn how to use these tools in your work.

According to the paper, “(You) should gradually navigate how to utilize best LLM’s (…) Moving forward, future possibilities of AI acting as a tool of inspiration, as an aid in a person’s creative process.”

Large language models and text-to-image models are rapidly progressing and outperforming us in ways they have not before. Ride the wave to get the most out of these new, promising, and exciting tools, and learn them quickly!

Maciej Wlodarczak

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  1. microwaves more creative than 99% of chefs when picking which random spots of your food to make boiling hot and which to keep freezing cold

  2. So you made up your own version of creativity, trained a robot to do it faster than a person, and are now giving yourself the first place medal… Good job.

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Now on Kickstarter!

Check out the Kickstarter for my book: KS campaign is active now. Lots of stuff inside and a pretty attractive package for people wanting to dip their toe in generative AI!

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