“Creating Anime and Manga Artwork with AI” Stable Diffusion handbook on Kickstarter now!

May 7, 2024

A Kickstarter for “Creating Anime and Manga Artwork with AI,” my handbook of Stable Diffusion is now live. It’s probably the first ever book to be published in this subject. Check it out if you’re interested in generative tech and would like to arm yourselves with new skills in the field that is developing very quickly.

The book is filled with practical tips, usage examples, and prompts without unnecessary jargon. There is lots of stuff inside. It’s be handy for beginners with step-by-step instructions on setup, configuration, and execution of Stable Diffusion workflows to make fantastic artwork or improve your existing pieces.

The main topics covered in the book are:

  • Creating Anime and Manga Artwork,
  • Streamlining Character Sketches,
  • Providing Quick Iterations for Feedback,
  • Making Pixel Art for Games,
  • Generating Images for Social Media,
  • Improving and Modifying Images.

A table of contents from the book

While the title suggests that the book will be usable for manga and anime creators first and foremost, it’s not really the case. Stable Diffusion offers a wide range of capabilities, and this guidebook will be equally helpful in creating other digital media outputs, pixel art, or even emulating traditional oil painting.

The author chose to focus on Stable Diffusion as a tool to produce these AI outputs, as he believes it is superior to any commercial tool like Midjourney or Dall-E. Stable Diffusion is free and open-source, which means users are able to generate images on their own PCs using GPUs and aren’t restricted to cloud solutions. Stable Diffusion is also not hampered by biases and, in general, has no restrictions regarding the content whatsoever. This software also offers literally thousands of available models (called checkpoints) dedicated to various art styles. The most popular models are presented in the Checpoint Workbook and are available as a reward on Kickstarter.

Stable Diffusion Interface with Automatic1111 GUI is, in general, easy to use, however, the users will undoubtedly appreciate help with setting it up and deciphering plentiful sliders and settings.

A sample page from the book, covering the topic of sampling

By backing this Kickstarter project, you’ll not only gain access to the digital or physical copy of our handbook but also receive an exclusive Checkpoint Workbook. This booklet contains essential model checkpoints and Low-Rank Adaptations (LoRAs) to help you choose the perfect creative style for your project. This is a Kickstarter exlusive reward, that won’t be available after the campaign ends:

Exclusive reward: Checkpoint and Lora Workbook is available as an easy to flip booklet, allowing you to quickly browse and pick models for your AI work.

A sample page from a Checkpoint Workbook, which covers not only usage and tips, but also sample prompts and outputs for each presented model and LoRA.

The book is avilable either as a digital copy of the for a pledge of 15 euros or in print for 45 euro. The digital edition encapsulates all the essential insights and guidance for mastering generative AI for visual creations, while the print edition has worldwide shipping included.

There are also a couple of stretch goals included. The first one adds a chapter about using ComfyUI in Stable Diffusion workflows. ComfyUI is an alternative interface for Stable Diffusion, offering advanced users a node-based system with intricate features. This chapter will guide users through the process of installing and setting up ComfyUI, configuring the workflow, and exploring its features.

Other stretch goals cover topics such as making book covers with AI, LLM integration, prompting and storyboarding, and even creating adult content with artificial intelligence. The final stretch goal expands the checkpoint workbook to an additional 40 models.

You can check out the book preview by downloading the PDF with a sample here. The book is planned to be 250+ pages long, but additional stretch goals unlocked during the campaing might pad it to hefty 400 pages.

It is overall an interesting package, and it might be the first book on Stable Diffusion ever, so it’s worth checking it out on Kickstarter. The campaign ends on July 5th and it already made a significant progress in the first day of the launch.

Maciej Wlodarczak

My Book is on Kickstarter now!
Check out the Kickstarter for my book: The KS campaign is active. Lots of stuff inside and a pretty attractive package for people wanting to dip their toe in generative AI. Get it now!

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Now on Kickstarter!

Check out the Kickstarter for my book: KS campaign is active now. Lots of stuff inside and a pretty attractive package for people wanting to dip their toe in generative AI!

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