4 Reasons Why Stable Diffusion is Better Than Dall-E and Midjourney

April 3, 2024

There are so many options to choose from, when it comes to image generation software: Dall-E provided through ChatGPT, Midjourney and Adobe Firefly. But Stable Diffusion remains our favorite thanks to its scalability, customization options, and no subscription costs – it’s completely free and unrestricted. Check out why Stable Diffusion leads the pack, and why it won’t change soon.

1. Stable Diffusion is Open Source, Runs on Your PC, and It’s Private

Stable Diffusion is an open-source software. It means that the code is available for anyone to use, modify, and share. You’re not just stuck with what you’re given; you can tinker with software and make it do exactly what you need, thanks to an endless number of models, extensions, LORAs, and additional modules.

More importantly, it keeps your creations private. Since everything is happening on your computer, there’s no risk of your images being stored on some company’s server. It is a big deal for anyone who’s concerned about privacy and wants to keep their work to themselves.

Stable Diffusion runs locally as standalone software, generating images on your computer. Pictured above is Automatic1111, the most popular GUI for SD.

The fact that Stable Diffusion runs on your PC also means you have more control over the performance. If you have a decent graphics card, you can generate images faster and even work on higher-resolution projects. This level of control and privacy is something you just can’t get with other AI image-generation tools.

2. Stable Diffusion is Completely Free

ChatGPT4, allowing Dall-E, costs $20 per month and has hourly limits on output. The window generation in Dall-E usually has a maximum of 40 images per 3 hours. Midjourney and Adobe Firefly have a system of credits where you pay as you go for each generated image, which makes them very costly, especially if you plan to create a series of pictures.

In comparison, Stable Diffusion is free. There’s no need to weigh the cost against your curiosity or your project’s budget – create what you want locally on your PC.  It is perfect for people who are just starting to explore AI or anyone curious about what generative software can do.

Stable Diffusion is free, and you can play around as much as you want. Here’s the prompt if you’re curious about this image, created in SD, using the ZavyChromaXL model for hyper-realism:

Highly detailed shot of an (((iridescence))) crystal sculpture in the shape of a European robin on a crystal tree branch, vibrant background, full motion effects, diagonal view, crystal particles glittering, back light, ultra sharp focus, high speed shot, vibrant color, Bioluminescence, high quality

Since it’s free, you can play around as much as you want. You can try making all sorts of images without thinking about the cost, letting you get creative and experiment with new ideas without any pressure. All the essential models, add-ons, GUIs, and additional modules for Stable Diffusion are free as well, which makes it a powerful tool, should you wish to expand it.

3. Stable Diffusion has No Restrictions on What You Can Create:

ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Adobe Firefly have rigorous policies regarding what you can create. You will feel held back because you won’t be able to explore all your ideas, and especially ChatGPT is prone to lecturing you about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Dall-E refusing to generate a city landscape containing “a cute woman”, because “it’s not respectful”.

If rules stop them from using certain themes, their work can’t be as creative or deep. One of the standout features of Stable Diffusion is the freedom it offers in terms of what you can create. Unlike these commercial tools that have strict rules about specific types of images or subjects, Stable Diffusion lets your imagination run wild. It is especially appealing for creators who want to explore a wide range of themes and ideas without bumping into limitations.

There are no boundaries set in Stable Diffusion. It’s up to you how you want to utilize the creativity behind AI generation for your hobbies, entertainment, or work.

4. Stable Diffusion has Total Customizability with Lots of Models and Add-ons

ChatGPT is currently limited to a single model, which makes some generations look similar without style prompting. Midjourney offers some models, but you can’t really customize it much – it all relies on prompts. Both tools provide a meager level of freedom to tailor it to your needs.

With Stable Diffusion, you’re not stuck with one standard way of generating images. There are countless models available, each trained for different styles, subjects, or artistic effects. With so much to choose from, you can mix, match, and try new combinations.

Character sheet generated through a specialized LORA in SD

There are probably now more than 10,000 models released by the community, dedicated both to general art styles, anime or fantasy artwork, architectural prototyping, or photorealism, along with specialized LORAs or models to create anthro, generating flowers, pixel art, character sheets, isometric tiles and many more. With all these options, you can set up Stable Diffusion the way you like it and do whatever you want.

Stable Diffusion is really an endless box of art supplies that keeps getting new additions and beats Dall-E and Midjourney.

Maciej Wlodarczak

My Book is on Kickstarter now!
Check out the Kickstarter for my book: The KS campaign is active. Lots of stuff inside and a pretty attractive package for people wanting to dip their toe in generative AI. Get it now!

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Now on Kickstarter!

Check out the Kickstarter for my book: KS campaign is active now. Lots of stuff inside and a pretty attractive package for people wanting to dip their toe in generative AI!

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